• Metropolitan Hilarion: working together to defend Christianity

    On February 12, the Metropolitan took part in a meeting of the Joint Working Group on Cooperation between the Holy See and the Russian Orthodox Church, and in the afternoon, in an interfaith conference at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, dedicated to the theme: “Saints are signs and seeds of unity.” In an interview with the Vatican radio correspondent, the hierarch spoke about the ways of convergence of the two Churches in the context of modern challenges:
    “I call this collaboration a strategic alliance between Catholics and Orthodox. I mean that we now have no opportunity to solve all the accumulated problems of a theological and ecclesiological nature, but nothing prevents us from working together and feeling like not rivals, but allies.
    Metropolitan Hilarion: working together to defend Christianity
  • The world market for organic agriculture for the first time exceeded 100 billion US dollars

    Organic agriculture continues to grow steadily around the world. Every year, the Swiss Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL publishes statistics "The World of Organic Agriculture", this year 21 collections have already been released. Key indicators from it are presented today at the world exhibition BIOFACH 2020, participants of the Union of Organic Agriculture from Nuremberg pass, where they take part in the collective Russian stand and as part of the Russian delegation.
    The world market for organic agriculture for the first time exceeded 100 billion US dollars
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Council activity

Russian – Italian Coordination Council «The Ethical Business» is an initiative of the Moscow Patriarchate, His Holiness Kirill Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and the Foundation of Cardinal Paul Poupard.
The activities of Coordination Council «Ethical Business» is consistent with the plans of the International Standard ISO 26000, as well as plans to accede to the UN initiative PRME – Principles for Responsible Management Education, designed to implement the principles of corporate social responsibility in the training program!
The committee focused on the development and maintenance of charity, social and corporate principles in society, corporate social responsibility, ethics and culture of modern society.
Coordinating Council carries out activities aimed at charities, introduces the principles of ethics and social culture in educational institutions, corporate companies, banks, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations.
Strategic Partners Council became Presidential Scholar RANEPA, NBC ARB, leading banks and companies from both the Russian and the Italian side.

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Фонд кардинала Поля Пупара
UBI банковская группа
Национальный банковский клуб Ассоциация российских банков
Российский союз промышленников и предпринимателей
Московская ассоциация предпринимателей
National Union of grain producers
Russian Orthodox Church