Webinar "Development Banks on the threshold of new opportunities". Results

Webinar "Development Banks on the threshold of new opportunities". Results

The faculty of Finance and banking of Ranepa together with the European Institute for political, economic and social research (EURISPES) and the Russian-Italian coordinating Council on business ethics held the First Russian-Italian open online forum "development Banks on the threshold of new opportunities: a comparative assessment of sustainable development models".

In the new environment, development Banks, following the principles of responsible banking and UN financial initiatives, are changing their strategies, reviewing goals, forming approaches and building innovative models to ensure sustainable development. The most important approaches in the current and upcoming periods are considered: holistic, ecosystem-based, proactive, preventive and inclusive.

The speakers were:

DR Marco Ricceri, General Secretary of EURISPES, will make a presentation on "Comparative assessment of sustainable development models", based on research results co-authored by a group of scientists: Jan Martin Rossi, Ludovico Semerari, and Roberta Ciampo.

Dr. Marco Ricceri conducted a comparative analysis of assessment models of sustainable development: examples from European investment Bank (EIB), European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD), the African development Bank (AFDB) Asian infrastructure investment Bank (AIIB), New development Bank (NDB), the Latin American development Bank.

Head of the Department" Stock markets and financial engineering " of the Ranepa under the President of the Russian Federation, doctor of Economics Konstantin Korishchenko, in turn, assesses the impact of the pandemic on the functioning of the economy, will talk about fundamental changes in the field of labor relations and the further consequences of these changes on the way of life of a person.

Academician Abel Aganbegyan, head of the Ranepa Department of "Economic theory and policy considers that the coming structural crisis creates the conditions for recovery recovery, provides a chance to escape Russia from years of stagnation. While economists are competing in forecasts of how much worse we will live because of the pandemic, A. Aganbegyan gives an assessment of the expectations of a downturn in the economy and suggests measures to support business.

Dr. Marco Ricceri, Secretary General of the European Institute for political, economic and social research (EURISPES), sent a letter of thanks to Seda Nasibyan, Dean Of the faculty of Finance and banking of the Russian Academy of Sciences, For hosting the Russian-Italian online forum "development Banks on the threshold of new opportunities".

The text of the letter can be found on the Ranepa website https://www.ranepa.ru/sobytiya/novosti/marko-richcheri-napravil-blagodarstvennoe-pismo-dekanu-ffb-rankhigs-sede-nasibyan

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